Letter from Dr. John Gibbs with Kerr McGee to Dr. Richard Johnston, chair of the NAS perchlorate panel, regarding several new scientific studies.

Studies referenced in letter:

Abstract of Braverman et al, 2005. The Effect of Perchlorate, Thiocyanate, and Nitrate on Thyroid Function in Workers Exposed to Perchlorate Long-Term (Published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, February 2005)

Abstract of Tellez et al, 2005. Chronic Environmental Exposure to Perchlorate Through Drinking Water and Thyroid Function During Pregnancy and the Neonatal Period (Published in Thyroid, September 2005)

Capuco et al, 2005. Fate of dietary perchlorate in lactating dairy cows: Relevance to animal health and levels in the milk supply (Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, November 2005)

Crump and Gibbs 2005. Benchmark Calculations for Perchlorate from Three Human Cohorts (Published in Environmental Health Perspectives, August 2005