FAST FACTS: Issue #1

The Facts About Perchlorate

As the federal government and states consider implementing perchlorate standards, itís critical that the best, most credible scientific information serve as the basis for regulatory decision-making, especially in an environment where questionable claims are being used to spread fear and hysteria.

  • Since the 1950s, perchlorate has been used in the U.S. and abroad to treat thyroid disorders. As a result, a wealth of information exists about perchlorate and how it relates to human health. The doses used as a medicine are tens of thousands of times greater than the low levels of perchlorate being detected in drinking water today.
  • Credible, peer-reviewed scientific and medical research shows that low levels of perchlorate being detected in drinking water are not dangerous to human health. During the past decade, millions of dollars have been spent studying the possible public health risks of perchlorate.
  • According to a National Academy of Sciencesí (NAS) 2005 report and other credible, peer-reviewed studies by respected and independent medical researchers, low levels of perchlorate are not linked to thyroid problems or thyroid cancer in humans.

The NAS report can be viewed at:;=NAP

What perchlorate is NOT

Credible research about perchlorate has determined that it:

  • Does NOT cause cancer (is not a carcinogen)
  • Does NOT cause an increase in the rate of change of genes (is not a mutagen)
  • Does NOT harm the immune system (is not immunotoxic)
  • Does NOT cause birth defects or other reproductive harm (is not a reproductive toxicant)
  • Does NOT accumulate in the body