How to Install Winter Pool Cover Clips?

What tightly secures the winter pool cover on top of the swimming pool; thus keeps debris, dirt and other contaminants off the pool water, are the so-called winter swimming pool cover clips. Making use of such tool contributes to an effortless swimming pool opening. 

These are handy plastic material fasteners grip on the above ground swimming pool’s top rails. They can hold the pool cover firmly in place as wind and harsh weather strikes. They work similarly with the clothespin. 

How to Install Winter Pool Cover Clips?

There are two types of winter pool cover clips out in the market and stores nationwide. These are the standard pool clips and the deluxe pool cover clips. 

The standard winter pool cover clip is effortless to install. It can only clip on rails.  While the deluxe winter pool cover clip, on the other hand, is a bit complicated type that has a locking system, popping up when used. Despite the differences, both guarantee convenience and security for pool covers. For stormy and windy places, they are dependable pool cover protectors in such a way that when appropriately stored, prevents tearing off of the cover. There can never even a small chance in the pool water to expose on large debris like leaves and tree branches. Swimming pool owners can be free from replacing the pool cover, thus saves a large amount of money. 

In addition to this, winter pool cover clips can protect swimming pool on cold days. In the worst case, like breaking down of the pool liner, they control the pressure and safety the cover. 

So to use these clips to experience the benefits, here are the steps to install the standard cover clip in general.

  1. Purchase a winter pool cover with the correct measurement and exact fit on the swimming pool. 
  2. Make use of an air pillow. Place it at the center of the swimming pool. It can help very well in the performance of the winter pool cover in protecting the pool water.
  3. Roll over the winter pool cover above the air pillow on top of the swimming pool. Loosen it up.
  4. Walk around the swimming pool. Attach the cover clips in the pool’s top rail and on each side of the upright. It will keep the pool cover in place securely.
  5. Position the pool cover clips on a uniform distance from each piece. By placing as much pool clips, it can only result in falling off unto the pool. It is enough to install two cover clips every horizontal rail frame or if to measure is about 16-18 inches. Count the number of uprights in the above ground swimming pool. Multiply it by two to determine the total quantity of winter pool cover clips needed.
  6. During strong winds, it is wiser to secure extra pool cover clips to replace improperly fastened pool clips that can pop off. When this happened, do the replacement as soon as possible.  

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