How Much Are Pool Covers?

Pricing is on top of the list when looking for swimming pool cover to use. There are different types of covers. But in  overall, they provide pool owners the primary purpose and unified, numerous benefits–the purpose of water conservation in such a way that it reduces water loss caused by evaporation, and unified purpose  such as to provide a warm swimming pool water, lessen the cleaning process, and the reduction of swimming pool running cost. Their differences vary on the specialties they offer, so as their prices, that depends on their quality, material composition, size, and specialty.

Winter Swimming Pool Covers

The use of winter swimming pool cover is to give the pool water protection and security against ice and snow. It keeps off light so algae and bacterial growth will not be possible. Winter pool covers are very lightweight, which makes them weak under the heat of the sun. Do not practice the exposure, especially during the hot days. Do this to prevent cracking. 

how much are pool covers

For high strength weaved winter cover, the cost may range from $30-$75. On the other hand, high-end insulating winter cover type costs $100-$350.

Solar Swimming Pool Covers

Solar swimming pool covers become popular because of their ability to contain the heat on the heated pool water. The process of heating a swimming pool cost a lot. During the hot season, if to use a solar pool cover, it can contribute about ten degrees increase in pool temperature. Solar covers help prevent evaporation and also keeps debris off the swimming pool. 

Solar swimming covers come on a variety of thickness and material composition. The price ranges from $30-$150, that depends on the quality as well. 

Safety and Security Swimming Pool Covers

Safety and security swimming cover not only protects the swimming pool but guarantee safety on children and everyone on the area. They can lock the swimming pool down. Other than this, they also have the light blocking property (same with winter covers) that bacteria and algae can’t take. They also possess the heating capability of solar blankets. 

Prices are:

Low-end type:  $400-$500

High-end type:  $2,000 or more

High-end models of safety pool cover have intricate spring loaded strapping system. The very reason why they are pricey.

Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic swimming covers are the most expensive type of pool cover. The costing involves $1,000-$10,000. One of the reasons for the high price is because they can be open and close by the click of a switch. They possess all the primary specialization of the other swimming cover type. They can provide protection, heat, and weatherization. However, since they are expensive, they also require high maintenance and repair cost. 

Leaf Covers

Leaf covers are mesh covers that only keep leaves out of the swimming pool. Unlike the other swimming pool covers, they cannot warm swimming pool water nor reduce evaporation. Leaf covers cost from $1,500-$3,900.

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