How to Use A Solar Pool Cover?

Study shows that during evaporation, the heat loss is up to 75%. However, this problem can quickly solve by the use of a solar pool cover. Physically, it is thin. It can also be called a solar blanket. It is a unique UV resistant plastic in the form of a lightweight sheet. The blanket is double-sided. One side is smooth while the other is comparable to a bubble wrap. It works in a way that traps the heat. Evaporation is no longer a problem, thus protects pool water from debris. 

For further elaboration, a solar pool cover collects the natural heat of the sun. It is the reason behind the warmth of the pool water during the hot season pool lovers enjoy. However, heat from sunlight wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the craving for a comfortable and relaxing swim. Still, the heat pump is needed. To continuously enjoy swimming under the perfect weather. Sounds great but despite this fact, even with the use of the best pool heater, evaporation needs to stop. Heat pump and pool cover need to work together to retain the warmness of the pool water. 

How to Use A Solar Pool Cover?

A pool without a cover is a chance for heat loss. A room for evaporation as pool water is very free. To stop this, use a solar pool cover. With this, heat loss due to evaporation can contain in the water. Once the heat is secure, pool water heat faster. All these are possible simply because using a solar pool cover means creating a barrier at the middle of the atmosphere and the surface of the pool water.

To use a solar pool cover, of course, apply it correctly. Be clear and sure about the exact measurement of the swimming pool. Once the solar pool cover is available, prepare the right size. The size that is exact for the pool area only because any excess on measurement might affect its effectivity. Evaporation may occur. 

Proper position is, the flat area on top and the bubble-sided area underneath the pool water. The cover floats because of these bubbles, the plastic air.  The removal and the repeated installation of a solar pool cover are very much simple. Anytime needed is possible.

The most effective time to use it is when the swimming pool is very much available. Most probably at night time at the lowest outside temperature. Pool water cools off very fast at this very point of time. Using a solar pool cover is the best option to keep the heat. 

In addition to these benefits, further studies prove that it contributes a lot on pool maintenance, on the efficiency of the heat energy, reduction on swimming pool chemical usage, and to more fun and exciting swimming experience. So right, it is one of the most useful tools on swimming pool owners. A breakthrough on heat loss problem. 

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